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CLX™ 8 series now empowered with color LCD touch screen!

The SmartiTouch™ high-end CLX™ Series 8 is enriched with a color touch screen which provides intuitive interaction between user and device, leading to easy access to all features and controls of your thermostat without a need to navigate through complicated menus. It's solid design, along with slimmest flush mount housing, fulfills the most demanding needs for luxury and simplicity in modern world architecture. A 92x80mm frame dimension and a neat look make "CLX™ Series 8" one of the best choices for modern switches and plugs of all leading market brands. Find more


Compact flush mount CLX™ 6 series!

Ultra slim CLX™ series offer the most premium, innovative solution ever to counter demands of modern architecture and interior design. All but 12mm of the control unit is concealed in the wall. All possible and imaginable functionalities of a room thermostat have been gathered in the smallest and slimmest flush mount housing ever designed, to illustrate the finest piece of art and craftsmanship in room thermostat ever made available. 92x80mm frame dimension facilitates you to match your thermostat with almost all selection of modern domestic switches and plugs from the most famous brands in this field. Find more

Prossimo™ series 4:
Stylish wall mount thermostat with the best LCD contrast ever!

High visibility in low light environments or during the nights due to remarkable LCD contrast of series 4 made it the perfect successor of series3. It inherits the same ultra-slim, compact design of series 3 and multi-function keys as well. The new high speed doubled frequency processor improve the unit operation especially sensibility of the keys and infra-red remote controller operation. Find more

Prossimo™ series 3:
Stylish wall mount thermostat!

The Prossimo™ series is the most compact, ultra-slim wall-mount thermostat ever designed. With its large screen and multi-function keys, it is a new frontier in functionality standards in the thermostat industry. The large display, easy-to-use keys, and a user-friendly interface come together in a well-engineered device that integrates functionality and simplicity in a distinctive, stylish product. Find more


Retro™ Series 4:
Still nostalgic and easy to use but enhanced with an LCD

Even fans of old fashioned dial operated mechanical thermostats, always complain about lack of indication of current room temperature in them.
Now, Series 4 is enhanced with an LCD indicating the room temperature as an additional feature to its predecessor series 3.
Simplicity and elegance, it is your choice! Find more


Retro™ Series 3:
Nostalgic, easy to use but digitally accurate!

Retro series super-slim, compact thermostat is designed for those who are nostalgic for classic, dial-adjustable thermostat but would like to benefit from the accuracy of digital world. The large temperature indicator enhances readability while change-sensitive backlight and slide-switch graphical indicators add a dynamic feel to this sleek design. The stylish Retro series unique simplicity, functionality and accuracy produces a standout thermostat. Find more