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Prossimo Series

The Climaset® Prossimo™ series is the most compact, ultra-slim wall-mount thermostat ever designed. With its large screen and multi-function keys, it is a new frontier in functionality standards in the thermostat industry.

The large display, easy-to-use keys, and a user-friendly interface come together in a well-engineered device that integrates functionality and simplicity in a distinctive, stylish product. Some key features of the Prossimo™ series has been described below.




Large, Dynamic, animated LCD display

The thermostat is equipped with a large 3.1 inches LCD display. It has been enhanced with an exclusive white LED backlight for optimum night viewing. The animated "Temperature bar graph" is updated every few seconds, ensures you that the room temperature reading is updated and feels like your device is alive, precise and fully functional.


0.5°C adjustment resolution of desired temperature

The adjustment steps for setting the temperature have been reduced to 0.5°c in this new model to satisfy the most discriminating demands.

Easy to install

Prossimo™ is the easiest ever CLIMASET® thermostat to mount. Screw the "Mounting plate" on the wall. Fasten the wires in the terminals of the plate, and finally mount the thermostat over the "Mounting plate".



Even more feature highlights

"Adjustable temperature swing", "Calibratable internal sensor", and "Automatic fan speed change over" are only a few of enormous features that the Prossimo™ thermostats has been equipped with.

Prossimo™ Series 4 vs. Series 3:

As the successor of series 3, enhanced LCD contrast in series 4 improves the visiblity in low light environments and also during nights. Also a few enhancement in graphical; interface of series 4 made it more understandable for users.



The Smartikeys™ one-touch automatic adjustment is easy to operate even for those who find it difficult to work with digital thermostats. Press and hold a Smartikey™ for a few seconds. All the setting will be made automatically.

Easy to use

Now, there is a single assigned key for frequently used adjustments, such as fan speed, desired temperature, and heat/cool section. Even advanced adjustment in the "Extra settings" screen are easy in the Prossimo™ series because of existing navigation-based system of the keys.







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