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Retro™ Series

Nostalgic, easy to use, but digitally accurate.

Retro series super-slim, compact thermostat is designed for those who are nostalgic for classic, dial-adjustable thermostat but would like to benefit from the accuracy of digital world.
The large temperature indicator enhances readability while change-sensitive backlight and slide-switch graphical indicators add a dynamic feel to this sleek design.
The stylish Retro series unique simplicity, functionality and accuracy produces a standout thermostat.




Large "Set temperature" indicator

Retro series is equipped with a largest dial among the other dial operated thermostats results to a very large "Set temperature" indicator enhanced with stylish white backlight to enhanced the reading from a distance even through the night

Change sensitive backlight

While it enhances the reading through the night, it does not disturb while you are asleep.

Slide-switch graphical indicator

Stylish glassy black-back, slide-switches indicators add a dynamic feel to this sleek design.

Cooling and Heating stages

Retro series is equipped with one stage of cooling and one stage of heating.


Precise room temperature measurement

While it looks like an old dial operated thermostat, it really is a precise digital one. The room temperature resolution precision is 0.1°c, like all other Climaset® digital thermostats, and more importantly the precision will not drop through the time like old analogue bi-metal thermostats.

Easy to install

Retro™ is the easiest ever CLIMASET® thermostat to mount. Screw the "Mounting plate" on the wall. Fasten the wires in the terminals of the plate, and finally mount the thermostat over the "Mounting plate".

External easy-to-replace protection fuse

It protects itself as well as your air--conditioner, with an external easy- to-replace protecting fuse.

Some key features of the Retro series have been described below.

Easy to use

The Climaset® Retro series has been designed for those who still favor easy-to use dial-operated thermostats over the digital ones.

Compact, slim design

It is one of the slimmest, most compact dial-operated thermostats ever designed in thermostat manufacturing history.



Retro™ Series 4:

Series 4 is the successor of Series 3. It is enhanced with an LCD to show current room temperature and the set temperature as well.

The room temperature resolution precision is 0.1°c which is represented in LCD, while resolution of the set point is as precise as 0.5°c.

The set point can be adjusted with the dial easily as before, while heating or cooling operation modes and the


selected fan speed is indicated by the stylish glassy blackback indicators like series 3.

Both the room and desired temperature is indicated in the LCD successivly within a short interval.

Successive indication of the room and set temperature ensures you that the device is functioning properly and precisely. This feeling is what was missing in series 3.


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