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CLX 8 Series

Ultra slim CLX™ series offer the most premium, innovative solution ever to counter demands of modern architecture and interior design. All but 12mm of the control unit is concealed in the wall. All possible and imaginable functionalities of a room thermostat have been gathered in the smallest and slimmest flush mount housing ever designed, to illustrate the finest piece of art and craftsmanship in room thermostat ever made available. 92x80mm frame dimension facilitates you to match your thermostat with almost all selection of modern domestic switches and plugs from the most famous brands in this field.

CLX™ series now empowered with Color LCD touch screen!

Color touch screen provides intuitive interaction between user and device, leading to easy access to all features and controls of your thermostat without a need to navigate through complicated menus.





Simultaneous indication of room and desired temperature

Unlike many others, which only provide the room or desired temperature, simultaneous indication of room & desired temperature in CLX™ series ensures the thermostat’s precise functionality.

0.5°C Adjustment steps

0.5°C adjustment steps of the set temperature, satisfies even the most sensitive people to feel comfort with their setting.

0.1°C Measurement precision

Your thermostat measures, displays and reacts to temperature fluctuation with 0.1°C of precision.

Adjustable temperature swing

You can adjust maximum fluctuation of the room temperature from your desirable set point as you prefer.




For accurate operation of the device, you can calibrate the measured temperature to match with a particular location. This feature ensures the proper operation of the air conditioner system in different conditions and environments.

Automatic fan speed changeover feature

The fan speed reduces automatically as the desired temperature is reached. This provides a smooth air-flow in normal conditions; on the other hand, it utilizes maximum capability of the air conditioner when the room condition is far from the desired temperature.

Selectable On/Off or continuous fan operation

Unlike many others, both on/off or continuous fan operation is selectable in either automatic or manual fan speed change over modes.


Some key features of the new CLX series has been described below.



Innovative SmartiTouch™

You can adjust all essential thermostat settings with one touch, for heating or cooling, to recommended choices . It makes it the best choice, even for those who normally find technology hard to work with.



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