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CLX 6 Series

Ultra slim CLX series offer the most premium, innovative solution ever to counter demands of modern architecture and interior design. All but 12mm of the control unit is concealed in the wall. All possible and imaginable functionalities of a room thermostat have been gathered in the smallest and slimmest flush mount housing ever designed, to illustrate the finest piece of art and craftsmanship in room thermostat ever made available. 92x80mm frame dimension facilitates you to match your thermostat with almost all selection of modern domestic switches and plugs from the most famous brands in this field.




Simultaneous indication of room and desired temperature

Unlike many others , which  only  provide the  room  or   the  desired   temperature, CLX      series     inherits    simultaneous indication     of    room      and     desired temperature from its own successors. We     recognize    the    right    of     our  customers to   observe  the  thermostatís precise    functionality   in    any   desired circumstance.


Seven day programmability feature

It    saves   an    incredible    amount    of energy     by    setting    the    thermostat temperature  lower   in   winter  or  higher in   summer    during    sleep    or    work hours when there is no one in the house. The  thermostat  returns   to   its   normal temperature     setting        automatically again    by    the    time    you    wake up or   return    home   to  ensure a  suitable environment   when  you need it. It is also the  best    choice  for   office  application where a limited time for air conditioning is the most suitable.


Automatic fan speed change-over feature

Thermostat selects  the  best  fan  speed according  to  the  difference between the room and the  desired  temperature. Thus fan    speed     reduces      as      desired temperature  is  reached. This  provides a smooth flow in normal  conditions; on the other  hand,  it   utilizes   the    maximum capability of the air conditioner  when  the room condition is far from the desired.

Keypad lock

 This new feature prevents the thermostat setting to  be  changed  by  unauthorized persons.  It   can    be    used   in    large corporation  buildings,   or  pubic  places, where    the   settings   should  only   be adjusted  by  an  authorized  figure; it can also  be  used  as  a child  lock in private residence.

Weekly calendar

 The device is also  a   weekly   calendar. Your clock settings  will  remain intact  in case of power failure, even   after  several hours.


Some key features of the new CLX series has been described below.

Hint bar

Exclusive hint bar leads  you  through  all process of setting thermostat parameters and provides you with  useful  information and    hints  at  each  step.  Its innovative bilingual characteristic empowers  you  to have   the   hints   even   in    your    local language. In the CLX series the  hint  bar, formerly the status bar has been enriched with a scrolling feature  that  provides you as much content as  necessary  for each setting.


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